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The Festive Group of Companies began its journey back in 1976 with a small commissary kitchen and a few catering trucks called Festive Food Catering. Over the years, Festive has adapted to change and diversified into different markets to keep up with new and changing trends. Festive Food Services was later created in the late 1990's to include more than the Mobile Trucks, Cafeterias and Vending Services which were offered. These additional services included Office Catering, Corporate BBQ's, Office Coffee and Water Cooler machines.

Over the next decade, Festive focussed mainly on growing the full service Vending and Office Coffee divisions into a very large portion of their business. With the launch of Nutrivend in 2009 which focuses on Nutritional Vending options only, they hope to promote health & wellness in the vending industry. Continually being innovative and creating new concepts remains a major part of success for the Festive Group today and has allowed them to expanded into more new and exciting ventures.

Sam Guerra is the original founder of the Festive Group and as he went about the daily operations as President for over 35 years, he created MisHda Holdings Inc. along the way and ventured into property management. The Festive Group has a focus on creating and developing a solid portfolio of real estate projects in the future. Festive Developments is the latest project on the rise for the Festive Group which will involve the design and development of commercial and residential properties throughout Ontario.

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    • Festive Vending & Coffee Services
    • Nutrivend – Nutritional Vending
    • MisHda Holdings - Property Management
    • Festive Developments - Project Design and Development
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